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Novice Team Show Jumping - 4th Nov 06 - Report


X rated


As a viewer it was hard to avoid getting caught up in the extreme scenes.  From nervous tensions to heavenly elation, back to rock bottom and finally onward to that comfortably warm hot chocolatey feeling.  X rated film? Oh no, just the Novice Team Show Jumping Qualifiers at Ingliston House Stud on Sat 4th November of course!


We need to commend our loyal club members Lorraine Barrett, Fiona Galbraith, Zoe Panic and Linda Parker who faithfully stepped up to the mark to be put through rigorous training and face the reward of all that comes with unquantified adrenalin rushes.  


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Under Fiona Hunter’s all seeing eyes the week before no one, but no one, got away with anything.   With a good training session behind them confidence was tentatively higher. The Team arrived in pristine condition on that Saturday morning and began with a kind warm up round.   One or two fences worried them but all had a good experience.


Confidence raised slightly more, the Team began to feel happier.... until the course was changed and the jumps raised!  Once again they descended into that tiny, insignificant domain where all horse riders find themselves occasionally – absolute terror.  Well, almost everyone felt like this apart from, of course, Lorraine on Millie ( posh name Lyleston Largo if you please) who views every fence as a cross country opportunity.


So the troops were rallied once again and all too quickly the Team were back in the ring.   Team tactics abounded and by the end of round one Lorraine and Millie, Linda and Henry (posh name Dalriada Don) and Zoe and Teddy (posh name Teddy) had earned the Team a fantastic clear!   Out of nineteen clubs ours was one of only three in this position.   We could almost hear the rosettes flapping in our ears as we imagined a full gallop of honour around the arena.   Presently however, the Team realised that concentration and true determination was needed to gain another clear in the second and final round to clinch those red first rosettes. 


After a long wait our chance was upon us.  Teddy, Sprite, Millie and Henry flew over the practice fences effortlessly and then Fiona led the team into the start of the round.   Both Fiona and Sprite (posh name Gentle Spirit) rode like true professionals with only one fence down.  We all giggled with glee, our chances were still very high.  In came Millie and Lorraine.  They decided to create a little more tension and duly had two fences down!  But we knew we could discount this score, so all rested upon Linda and Henry and Zoe and Teddy.  Well, unfortunately they thought the rules of the competition had changed so decided to help Millie’s score along.  Needless to say we no longer heard the rustle of rosettes in our ears!


All said and done the Team had a great day experiencing all the thrills and spills of a typical competition day. Whether clear or otherwise we still got cheers from the spectators!  The moral of the story is no matter what keep smiling!   And that’s exactly what they did especially when they heard they had come 11th overall! 


The Team would like to thank their supporters on the day and are calling for Gareloch Riding Club to rally together two teams next time!!



By Carolyn Randall