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GRC Trec - 12th May 2007


GRC recently held a fantastic TREC competition at North Ailey Farm, Kilcreggan. There was a large turnout and the club were thrilled to see a mix of both Western and English riders taking part.

Click here to see all the pics and videos!


Overall Results

1st Marion
2nd Laurie Falconer
3rd Lucy Polden
4th Fiona Galbraith
5th Ruth Preston
6th - Sharon


A complicated and well thought out route was provided for the orienteering section which even challenged the riders who live in the local area!

Riding together, Marion Ruth and Lucy managed to judge the speeds of each section extremely well finishing this section in joint first place, with Laurie and Fiona G. second and third respectively. Everyone did well in this section with only 6 points between all the riders.

Control of Paces

Sadly none of our competitors managed to score in the 'Fast Walk' section, showing just how hard it actually is to keep up the necessary speed without breaking into trot!

Similarly, only Lucy, Sharon and Fiona G. managed to received any points in the 'Slow Canter'. Fiona and Liss achieving a brilliant 21 points - well done!


The last stage of the competition is the obstacle course. GRC managed to provide a very varied and challenging course.

From the horsebox, to the immobility, gates, jumps, bending and ditches there was something to challenge everyone.

The club would like to thank Liz and Jo-Anne of North Ailey Farm for hosting the event; Pat and Zoe for organising the day and to all the volunteers who helped steward on the day!

(A special thanks also to Alex and his bag of flour, which April enjoyed so much that she scored full marks in the immobility!)