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You & Your Horse


We want to hear about you and your horse - email your pictures and stories to Linda Parker 


Millie @ Blair


Millie and Lorraine @ Lyleston

Hi, this is my horse Millie, show name Lyleston Largo, and I'm Lorraine. Millie and I have been together for 4 years and she is the best horse i ever sat on! We have been competing at show jumping and hunter trials, which she loves, with some success. Our favourite cross country course is Ardgowan and we enjoy Easterton and Blair Estate too. Millie and I have had the last 6 months or so off due to me having a baby and Millie due a foal in June by troebadour, which i am really looking forward to. Next year we hope to be back competing and trying our first British Event so watch this space!!





Hello, This is Sprite and Im Fiona, his owner. Spritey is a 14.2hh Appaloosa x Highland and Ive had him for about 2 and a half years. He's just come back from being at college with me in York but he missed Scotland too much so I brought him home and leaving him in the trusty hands of my Mum and Dad. Sprite loves to jump and this year we did really well and won Drymen senior open at GRC's summer SJ series. We also love X Country and did a bit of that in york. Sprite always have tonnes of energy and he never tires. We tried hunting in yorkshire but he still managed a good gallop on the way home! We also loan Alicia from Tina and Louise Rickerby, but she is mainly my sister's. She is a gorgeous 16.3hh bay and we all love her to bits. She doesnt jump much any more but she can still outrun Spritey at a good gallop up the hill. I took her to Le Trec in May and we both had a great time, and she will hopefully be at some of the fun rides next year.

Hen Broon
Hen n Linda @ Lyleston

This is Henry, my gorgeous boy. I'm his human and my name is Linda. I have ridden since i was 5 years old ( a long, long time!!) but Henry is my first horse.  My daughter had ponies and then lost interest so i took my chance to live the dream. We arent serious competitors and we enjoy a little bit of everything. Theres nothing quite like a long hack and a gallop along the beach to blow the cobwebs away! Henry was bred in the very north of Scotland, his mum is a lovely Irish Draught called 'Winnie' and his sire was a Thoroughbred known as 'The President'. Standing at 16'2 he was born in 1999.  We have been together for 2 years now but it feels like i've known him forever. I like to compete at showjumping but Henry loves cross country (a little too much).  Henry and I are having a bit of a holiday just now as weve been out and about non-stop, but keep an eye out for us at the lessons and competitions in the Spring (Henry's the handsome one and i'm the one who looks terrified).

Cooper. Booted and Suited ready to go

Cooper @ Lyleston

Hi – this is Cooper (posh name Mr Brightside) and I'm Donna.  He’s a 13-year-old Belgian Warmblood who stands at 17hh and I’ve had him for almost six months now.  He is a big scaredy cat but a real gentle giant.  With the help of lessons from Fiona Hunter (god help her!) we’re really starting to come together.  Recently put together our first couple of cross country jumps and we will be taking part in some of the lessons arranged over the winter so hope to see you there.

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